Woolley are pleased to be working with Treepoints who have now helped us to be carbon negative, offsetting 6 tonnes of carbon per annum. As part of our Carbon Charter Renewal, for which we were delighted to have received our fifth Gold award, Groundwork East calculated our carbon footprint at being 3.9 tonnes per annum. This was after having implemented other energy saving methods such as solar panels, electric cars, double glazing, insulation, rainwater harvesting, recycling diligently, responsible procurement, moving most meetings to an online format and more. Offsetting our carbon in this way has now left us in a carbon positive situation and we are delighted at this.   


Climate change continues to be the biggest threat to our planet, and we must all play a part to fight it. For more information on Treepoints and offsetting carbon, please go to https://treepoints.green/ 


24th August 2021