Our very own Nick Woolley was invited to speak at Kendal College, Cumbria at South Lakeland District Council’s Green Build Conference on Wednesday 5th November.  This event was aimed at the development industry, Councillors and Planners to encourage sustainable design and construction in development across the district, promote public debate about the essential need for sustainable design and construction. Also, what this means for how new buildings in the district will look, inform and update on the Council’s Development Management Policies. These are set to encourage ‘culture shifts’ in the district that tie in with wider economic and social strategies and objectives and support the move towards more sustainable development.


Kendal College is an impressive, inspiring, highly green building in every sense of the word. The Principal, Graham Wilkinson, has a passion for working closely and successfully with his students and their families on an incredible range of subjects together with the Councils and Local Community. He understands the need to Go Green, to save Carbon, money and create a higher quality of life (what Nick calls “The Triple Win”).


The morning began with an introduction by Councillor Peter Thornton which was greatly encouraging and took a line on the essential need to go green. This seemed to leave the thinking of many other councils far behind him!


In his speech, Ross Holleron, a director of the Zero Carbon Hub, was very informative and helpful on “Where we are” and on the practical way forward.


Andrew Yeats of EcoArch, one of the true gurus of green architecture, but with a completely realistic attitude to what the public want as well as need, gave an excellent run down on a whole range of inspirational projects. Perhaps the most encouraging point he hammered home was that with an understanding of the fundamental science of energy efficient buildings, Code 6 can be achieved at no extra cost, which makes a mockery of the nonsense put out by volume housebuilders as our Nick Woolley has always said to be the case.


Nick Woolley gave his view of the ‘Triple Win Experience’, being homes with energy reduction, cost reduction and giving an increased quality of life for all concerned. Nick’s speech can be found here:  Triple Win as Delivered 5 Nov 2014 10 01

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