This research project was produced for a Steering Group of eight regional organisations, led by DEFRA.

The decline in the livestock industry in the East of England had led to concerns that grassland in the region was becoming under-grazed. This was a particular issue on sites that required grazing for ecological and landscape reasons. Woolley was asked to carry out research in this area and also to publish a Beef & Sheep Pages guide to help farmers.

Fourteen case-study grazing sites were analysed across the East of England region to identify the barriers to grazing. Woolley then carried out research into how other regions were coping with undergrazing using telephone interviews. A short list of options for overcoming the barriers was drawn up, followed by an action plan, timetable and key milestones for each action.

This study resulted in a further project to help choose the best way for the organisations concerned with undergrazing in the region to work together to tackle the problem. The result was a business plan prepared by Woolley to set up the East of England Grazing Forum.