property investment management

Woolley’s approach to Property Investment Management is based on the following principles:

  • Ownership objectives of every client are different, thus the needs of every client are different

But there is always one clear objective…

  • To achieve the optimum financial performance from investment – coupled with a mix of other objectives.

Woolley has vast experience managing the property investment portfolios of the following types of client:

  1. City pension funds aiming to achieve maximum return on investment in a short period of time
  2. Private landowners aiming to safeguard inheritance, protect and enhance their capital asset whilst earning as much revenue as possible
  3. Environmental bodies looking for a sustainable income enabling them to continue their work, maintain facilities and secure their future

Woolley has an outstanding track record of delivering performance whilst protecting our clients and their good name. Woolley’s success in providing this service is clear, where a number of our clients have been so for nearly two decades.

To manage your investment effectively, Woolley will create a bespoke management plan, with regular reviews to ensure that your investment always provides the expected return.

Woolley also provides a complete acquisition service, seeking the most appropriate additions to either existing portfolios or new ones in order to generate the yields required by the individual client.

Woolley does all of the above and more – Planning Applications and Appeals; Residential, Rural and Commercial Property Acquisition; Land and Development Option agreements; Asset management, Property Management, Institutional Investment Management and Development Project Management; Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Section 106 Negotiations – as the case studies show…

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