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With Neighbourhood Planning becoming a key factor in Local Development Plans under the Localism Act, successful development projects must win the support and involvement of the people living and working around it. Gaining this support minimises delays and associated costs throughout the planning process.

To achieve this support, active and constructive engagement with communities and interest groups affected by the development is required. This means understanding their concerns and fears and taking their suggestions into account.

Woolley is able to deliver this service quickly, efficiently and robustly through the use of our intelligent community planning system – Concerto.

Concerto is unique to Woolley and is based on research by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Environment Agency. The system:

  • Makes it possible to consult both individuals and groups
  • Helps to build consensus within the community
  • Allows all issues surrounding the development project to be considered and prioritised
  • Provides clear, statistically representative and auditable results
  • Maximises the potential for development projects to achieve planning consent

The system has been used by local authorities and private developers with notable success.

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