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Woolley recognised Professional Members of the Prince’s Foundation

Woolley is proud to announce that we have been formally recognised as Professional Members of the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community.

Woolley has been involved with the Foundation since its early days as the Urban Villages ForumProfessional Membership of the Foundation demonstrates that we are committed to the design values and built environment principles held by the Foundation and to taking forward the principles of timeless urbanism:

BD14830_      Engender social interaction

We believe in creating developments that meet real community needs. This can only be achieved if those who live and work in an area are consulted before the architects or designers even lift a pen. Woolley engenders social interaction both through the developments we take forward and manage and directly through our research work, including the Concerto consultation method.

BD14830_      Create a sense of place

Woolley handpicks the masterplanners, architects, landscape architects and other consultants who work on projects for our clients. In doing so we select only those who truly understand the science of building sustainably. With masterplanners we select those who are able to interpret how a place works, weave new development into this so as to best create a valuable, attractive and friendly place in which to live, work and play.

BD14830_      Allow movement logically and legibly

We have been working with leading engineers and urban designers over the last twenty years. We understand the importance of having permeable and walkable neighbourhoods and shared spaces wherever possible. We seek to achieve this by employing consultants with the best experience for the developments that we take forward and who are cost effective for the particular project.

BD14830_      Sustain land value

As our core work is on behalf of financial institutions, the ability to sustain land value through the development process is crucial. A good example is when we achieved this for a very substantial estate through retaining a controlling element in the quality of the build and the final financial outcome.

BD14830_      Design using natural harmonics

Our Managing Director, Nick Woolley, is often heard saying that buildings are the ultimate clothes we wear.  Nick also understands more than many about biodiversity and ecosystems after spending nine years on the Council of English Nature. We have learned the principles of natural harmonics though studies in permaculture, biomimicry, autonomy and Gaia theory and apply this understanding to our work. We are not designers, but we ensure that our passion for caring for the earth and sharing its resources is embodied in all our projects.  An excellent example of this was the understanding of the essential need for the our PPS 7 Project to be set in harmony with its surrounding landscape.

BD14830_      Build beautifully

Woolley works mainly on the strategic side of the construction process. Our main influence is therefore in the selection of architects and other consultants for projects. However, wherever our clients enter into joint ventures with builders we put the contractual framework in place, to ensure that the building work is carried out to the highest possible standard.

July 21st, 2011
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