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‘The Imperative for Change’ – the Quest for Sustainability

This week, I had the great pleasure to go up to the Salford University’s ‘Think Lab’ as the guest of primarily Prof Peter Brandon (who runs the Think Lab), but also Prof Erik Bichard, who heads up Regeneration and Sustainable Development at the School of the Built Environment.

Peter showed me around the Think Lab which is hugely impressive and which is now used to think the unthinkable with leading academics, business leaders and practitioners from all over the world. They have achieved some amazing breakthroughs in engineering and medical science, amongst many diverse areas. The facilities they use seemed veritably space-age to me, although Peter said he was keen to update the now four-year old Lab!

I was there to give a paper to Peter’s post-graduate course on the city property funds’ view on ‘The Imperative for Change’ – or why property funds and all of us have to go green.

However, during our initial discussion, Erik and I discovered that we were both deeply committed to trying to find the ultimate form of sustainability appraisal methodology. This is something which he is deeply involved in at the university and doing in practice in various places (he was formerly Chief Executive of Sustainability Northwest and Executive Director of The National Centre for Business and Sustainability). We discussed my RICS, English Nature and Environment Agency research project into this whole subject now known as Concerto.

Copies of Nick’s paper are available on request.

Thinklab: www.thinklab.salford.ac.uk

Paper given at Salford University | 12 March 2009

March 12th, 2009
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