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Thanks for keeping off farms

Sir, – As a farmer with both stock and a large area of permissive public
access, I must thank everyone who normally walks our land for their
understanding, sympathy and instant response to our request for the
temporary closure of this access as a result of the present
foot-and-mouth epidemic.

I was therefore astonished by the letter from David Sixsmith (EADT,
March 9) questioning the need for this closure.

For a man of his standing and influence as a science teacher to question
the advice of an army of UK and global veterinary experts is surprising.
If his assumed aim is to undermine the goodwill and patience of those
who are responding so well to the precautionary measures this is totally

He mentions the economic and personal repercussions of this closure of
the countryside for the forthcoming public holidays. Most thinking
people who have seen film of the funeral pyres and the descriptions of
the smell of the burning flesh will, I’m sure, continue to do their duty
with understanding and good grace.

I would suggest that if anyone is now confused as to the need for their
responsible actions since foot-and-mouth started, or would like to
understand the economic repercussions of this disease for the
countryside of East Anglia, they and Mr Sixsmith should read the
excellent article by Nicholas Woolley (EADT, March 10).

R A GOSLING, Mutton Hall Farm, Wetherden.

East Anglian Daily Times | 12 March 2001

March 12th, 2001
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