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TCPA – Annual Conference 20th November 2013

On 20th November, Nicholas Woolley attended the TCPA Annual Conference and Parliamentary Reception.

Nick Boles, Under Secretary of State for Planning, gave the keynote speech. In question time Nick Woolley challenged him on how the NPPF was being implemented around the country as, from some 40 projects he was running, he saw some very varied performances by different local planning authorities. Nick was particularly worried about the interpretation and implementation of the Duty of Care from the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and wanted to know what the Minister was doing to ensure it was correctly implemented. The Minister said that with the abolition of regional planning, the duty to cooperate across boundaries was of paramount importance. It had to work and to try to ensure that it did work he was having regular meetings with Local Planning Authority Chief Officers and their teams to help them understand what was required. He emphasised that if it did not work properly as intended it would have to revert to a top-down approach but he was working hard to ensure that this would not be the case.

November 21st, 2013
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