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Renewable Energy Systems and the Sustainable Home

Tucked away in a former quarry in North Wales is the Centre for Alternative Technology.  Given the name you might be forgiven for wondering what happens there – a division of NASA perhaps!? The abbreviation CAT does not give any further clues either.

Actually the brains at CAT would be worthy of a NASA project, but instead they are pioneering practical ways that we can save our current planet from climate chaos.

Thanks to a grant from Train to Gain, the team at Woolley Project Management have jumped on the opportunity to learn from the experts and are spending a valuable two weeks at the centre.

James has just returned from the second of the courses which went into detail on building sustainable homes and renewable energy systems including solar water heating, photo voltaic electricity generation, wind power, hydro power and most importantly energy conservation, also known as “the other renewable”.

“The lecturers here are absolute experts in their field of technology. Despite the typically wet weather, strictly vegetarian food and a mile long walk to the nearest pub, they are fully switched on to the real world and clearly state how all renewable energy projects must work out scientifically, stack up financially and be practical for us humans to use”.

At Woolley, we acknowledge the expertise of a doctorate or degree masters at CAT when selecting consultants. For practical advice on renewable energy in your development contact James Sims-Williams on 01638 721540 or james@woolley.co.uk.


Press Release | 10 November 2009

November 10th, 2009
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