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Minibike Madness

James Sims Williams, Director of Freckenham-based Woolley, has
completed a gruelling two day, 54 mile walk ‘ the distance of two
  accompanying his brother Giles on his quest to complete the
London to Brighton charity bike ride on one of the smallest bikes ever

The bike, called a minibike or monkeybike has five inch wheels, no gears
and moves more slowly than walking pace. This meant that James and
Giles were walking and cycling continually from 7 am to 8 pm on Saturday
16 June and 7 am to 7 pm on Sunday 17 June to complete the race. They
finished in 27,000th place but raised a fantastic £2,700 for the
Multiple Sclerosis Society and British Heart Foundation.

Commenting on their participation, James Sims Williams, who’s 29 years
old and a chartered surveyor, said: ‘It was a completely mad thing to
do and was really hard work- but we’ve raised a great deal of money for
a charity we really care about so that makes it worthwhile.’

Woolley is a land and project management company with specific
expertise in the areas of property, finance, project management,
environmental understanding and appraisal. It works for a wide range of
clients, including blue-chip companies, private individuals, public
sector bodies, environmental organisations and academic institutions.

George PR | 3 July 2007

July 3rd, 2007
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