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Invitation to the University of Oxford External Advisory Board

Nick Woolley’s passion in all matters of Sustainable Development has been recognised by the University of Oxford. Earlier this year, Nicholas was invited to join their External Advisory Board for the MSc in Sustainable Urban Development, where he will share his wealth of experience with both the University staff and students. He has given lectures at Oxford and Cambridge on the subject as well as other UK Universities and global conferences abroad.

Currently more than half of the world’s population live in urban areas and within the next twenty years, this is likely to increase to in excess of 60%, making sustainable city living an urgent global issue. The Sustainable Urban Development Course is imperative in reinforcing the need to consider the economic, social and environmental aspects of development to prevent negative local and global consequences.

A shortage of professionals with the skills and knowledge to tackle the huge challenge of creating “Places for People” through properly masterplanned urban development has been identified. We believe that the University of Oxford, in partnership with the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community (Nick is and enrolled Practitioner of the Foundation), can together progress their desire to protect and sustain the natural environment through this new Master’s Degree.

October 23rd, 2013
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