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Great hooves are kinder to delicate habitats

Sir, – All three animals which make up the famed Suffolk Trilogy are most precious in this wonderful county of ours, but probably the Suffolk Punch is best known and therefore loved throughout the world – and of course loved by all of us who are fortunate to live here.

So much of the most beautiful, and let us hope enduring, countryside that we value so highly is thanks to the farmers who over the centuries have stewarded our land, more often than not thanks to the power of those wonderful graceful, yet oh so gentle, animals.

Today our land is almost entirely managed through the power of tractors, but even so, as well as being a joy to behold, heavy horses still have a role to play that makes sense; indeed in forestry in some sensitive areas, heavy horses are the only way to undertake timber extraction in a sustainable way. One major conservation trust in the south west, for which I am a trustee, will only allow timber extraction from certain areas with horses since their great hooves are so much kinder to the delicate habitats in some of the woods than mechanical equipment.

The Country Land and Business Association in Suffolk is immensely proud of our trilogy of animals and is greatly disquieted at the threat to this loyal and hard-working breed to which we owe so much over so many years. We therefore wish to add our name to your excellent campaign.

NICHOLAS WOOLLEY, Chairman Suffolk CLA, Bury St Edmunds

East Anglian Daily Times | March 5, 2001

March 5th, 2001
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