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Couple in nursery decision challenge

PLANS to create a day nursery in Lakenheath are under threat after
planning permission to set it up was refused.

Now those behind the scheme are appealing against Forest Heath District
Council’s Decision.

Members of the council’s planning committee refused to let Pat and Tony
Tippett convert a garage at their home in Eriswell Road Lakenheath into
a nursery earlier this year.

The proposals were refused because it was felt it was an undesirable
location for a nursery due to inadequate access and the effects of noise
and disturbance on neighbours.

Mrs Tippett, 57, and her husband, 53, who have lived in the village for
28 years, said “when the owners of the property put it up for sale we
saw that after landscaping and improvement, the site would be an ideal
location for a village nursery”.

“Lakenheath currently only has part-time childcare facilities, meaning
that some local parents have to drive out of the village to find day
care services for their children. There is a big waiting list and there
is a desperate need for this.”

Mrs Tippett said their plans had received support from the local
community and as far as she was aware no-one had objected to their

Suffolk Acre has approved a grant to help get the project off the ground
and Suffolk County Council is also supporting their plans.

Mr & Mrs Tippett have enlisted the help of local planning consultants
Woolley & Company, who are based in Freckenham.

The appeal is being considered in writing by the Planning Inspectorate.

Newmarket Weekly News | 14 November 2002

November 14th, 2002
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