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County Council win is reward for hard work

Sir, – I was delighted to read the news that Suffolk County Council had
been named Council of the Year (EADT, March 15).

Very many congratulations must go to the whole council, but in
particular to its Chief Executive Lin Homer and all her team for this
richly deserved award. At a time when there is so much desperately bad
news, it is wonderful to read one piece of good news.

In my work around the country, I often find myself quoting Suffolk as a
shining example in a number of ways and so it is splendid to see
national recognition for it. The agenda to promote sustainable policies
is particularly encouraging and must be vigorously pursued.

The Suffolk Country Land and Business Association looks forward to
continuing to work closely with our award winning council.

NICHOLAS WOOLLEY, Chairman of Suffolk CLA

East Anglian Daily Times | March 17, 2001

March 17th, 2001
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