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Blinkered attitudes leave us with nothing

Sir, – I agree entirely with Nicholas Woolley (letters, February 27 about the closure of Freckenham village school).

It is extraordinary that the education authority can make a decision to
save money for itself without any consideration for the costs of other
departments or people; and this is aside from the social costs detailed
by Mr Woolley.

However, it is unfortunately the case that this is only one example of
the blinkered attitudes leading to actions being taken by organisations
and people with narrow vested interests.
The closure of local shops, post offices, magistrates’ courts and
abattoirs for example, are further manifestations of the total disregard
for the side-effects and long-term consequences of selfish and
ill-considered plans.

It is ironic that the Government, that justifies the tax on fuel on the
grounds of saving the planet from the effects of global warming,
supports actions that necessitate a huge increase in the use of cars and

I support Mr Woolley in his plea for some long-term “joined up” thinking
and policy-making before our quality of life is eroded beyond repair.

East Anglian Daily Times | 1 March 2001

March 1st, 2001
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