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Beef & Sheep Pages Launched

Where can I find grazing for my livestock? Where can I find stock to graze my land?

A new free guide for the eastern region that will help put the two together is launched today (June 6) at a specialist conference “Making the Most of Your Livestock”. Researched and prepared by Woolley & Company and Published by the Undergrazing Project Partnership, the booklet contains information, addresses and contact numbers for organisations, projects and advisers involved in every aspect of livestock production from hoof to end market.

“Undergrazing is a serious problem in the East of England”, explains Caroline Cranbrook, who chairs the partnership “As farming businesses change and adapt cattle and sheep are no longer located in the traditional grazing areas of this region. The result is that Defra is getting increasing requests for both grazing land and for animals to graze it”

“This guide is designed to help both – but it goes much further. If you are a farmer, grazier or landowner it will provide you with a range of organisations and information to help you.”

“Livestock is very important to the region, as can be seen from the number of organisations that Defa’s Rural Development Service has brought together under the partnership to find solutions. The landscape, the environment and the increasing demand by consumers for locally produced meat, all depend on an economically viable livestock industry.

“Stock will become ever more important to the region if land goes out of arable production and farmers take up opportunities offered by the Entry Lever and Higher Level Environmental Schemes. But livestock farmers are under considerable financial pressure. They are often isolated from other livestock farmers. Environmental organisations are also increasingly having difficultly finding animals to graze their reserves. Information is difficult to find.

“Livestock farmers are the caretakers of much of the landscape. But the role is unsustainable unless livestock farming is profitable.”

The guide is just part of the work being undertaken by the food and farming organisations in the region, all of whom are committed to giving practical help by providing training, services and information. The conference “Making the most of your livestock” is being held at Lynford Hall, Mundford, Norfolk.

In addition to the CLA, the guide is available from any of the partners of the Undergrazing Project Partnership. They are: The English Beef and Lamb Executive, East of England Development Agency, English Nature, Farming and Wildlife Advisory Trust, National Farmers Union, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Rural Development Service, the Suffolk Agricultural Association. Woolley & Company also has a limited number of copies.

CLA News Release | 06.06.05

June 6th, 2005
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