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Woolley weekly round-up Friday 16 October

This week the Government published its Housing and Planning Bill.

The Prime Minister said: “A Greater Britain must mean more families having the security and stability of owning a home of their own. My government will do everything it can to help people buy a place of their own – at the heart of this is our ambition to build 1 million new homes by 2020.”   The Bill will allow the government to take forward a number of proposals to boost homebuilding and home ownership, helping towards the government’s ambition to deliver 1 million homes by 2020, mentioned in a previous update.

The current major problem with housing is the lack of supply and especially supply of affordable housing for people (such as myself) wanting to get on the property ladder.

Part one of the Bill addresses this by concentrating on starter homes.  Starter homes are newly built properties that must be sold to someone who is a first-time buyer below the age of 40, with a discount of at least 20 per cent off the market value.  The Bill sets out a general duty of Local Authorities to promote the supply of starter homes through local plans and a specific duty on local planning authorities to require an element of starter homes on sites of a specified size.  This may reduce the number of viable sites being brought forward for development.

As suspected, the Bill will give the Secretary of State powers to intervene where Local Authorities have not put in place their Local Plan.  The Government have indicated that this will be implemented in early 2017.  Local Authorities will also have a duty to help allocate land to people who wish to build their own home.

You will jump with joy if you own a brownfield site.  Brownfield sites identified on brownfield registers will get automatic planning permission in principle.  The Bill will also give the secretary of state further powers to intervene “if local plans are not effectively delivered”.

Author: Woolley
Published on: Friday, October 16th, 2015
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