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Rhine River Vineyards

view_on_rhine_valley_germanyI returned to Germany in December to experience the Christmas markets. While there, I drove along the majestic Rhine river and aside from all the amazing castles along the route, I noticed the insane vineyards on the sides of the mountains. They are located in terrain which should be useless because of the steep angles at which the mountains grow out of the river. But instead of dismissing this land as being useless, ancient farmers have built stone ledges all the way along and up the mountains, allowing just enough room for vines to grow. I consider myself an optimists and someone who thinks outside the box, but if I was given the same plot of land these farmers owned, I cannot imagine I would ever have though “hey! I could grow grapes on this land, all I have to do is construct tiers upon tiers of stone walls along the side of these mountains”.

It made me think about appreciating what I have, even something that would appear useless may have the potential to be turned into something great. It may require a lot of hard work but the end results could generate tremendous value.

This relates particularly well to what we do here at Woolley, increasing land value by changing its use. Your land may hold more value than you could have ever imagined.

Adam Horan

Author: Woolley
Published on: Friday, January 29th, 2016
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